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Check out the services and tools provided by Blue Ridge Energy that put you in control of your home energy use and budget.

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Flex Pay

Prepaid electric service that offers the flexibility of purchasing your electricity when you want, in the amounts you choose. You select the payment plan that works for you and the amounts that fit your budget.

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Powerful Solutions

A suite of programs for today’s energy conscious member that includes community solar, renewable energy systems, rebates and loan options. Powerful Solutions – always expanding to help you manage your energy needs.

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Home Energy Checkup

Get comprehensive reports on your energy usage, including how much energy you've used, why your usage fluctuates from month to month, and much more.

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Together We Save

As part of the Touchstone Energy network, your cooperative offers powerful energy savings resources online.

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Usage Tracker

Track your daily electricity usage and costs with our free Usage Tracker on our website! Usage Tracker provides powerful information to help you lower your energy bill.

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Community Solar

Community solar gardens offer every Blue Ridge member access to solar and are ideal for those concerned about the upfront costs and ongoing maintenance of installing solar panels on their home’s roof.

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Energy Saver Loan Program

Qualified members can borrow up to $35,000 ($5,000 for mobile homes) for a term of up to 10 years at competitive interest rates. These funds are used to make energy efficiency improvements to your home that can help lower your electric bill.

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