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Check out the services and tools provided by Randolph EMC that put you in control of your home energy use and budget.

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High Usage Alerts

Sign up to receive alerts via text or email to let you know when your use reaches certain levels.

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Pay for electricity before you use it - just like a prepaid phone. Make smaller, more frequent deposits toward paying for your electricity, rather than paying a lump sum once per month.

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Budget Billing

Easily budget for your monthly electricity costs by making the same payment each month. Your monthly payment is determined by averaging your previous 12 months’ kWh usage.

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Energy Audits

Arrange a free consultation with a cooperative energy expert to help you become more energy efficient.

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Special Rates

Take advantage of special energy efficient home and time-of-use rates to maximize savings.

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Sunpath Community Solar®

With community solar, you have the option to offset your electricity use with solar energy, without needing to install private rooftop solar panels. This program is a great choice for members who want to lower their environmental footprint and promote renewable power generation. Monthly and full-term subscriptions are available to best meet your needs.

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Member-Owned Generation Program

A program that enables members from the agribusiness community to leverage their investment in standby generation to help the cooperative in times when off-grid generation assets are needed.

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